Silk Road Foundation

The Silk Road Foundation NGO was established in 2013, to promote free market economy in Mongolia. Under the foundation, the Ulaanbaatar Economic Club operates to determine the underlying issues of the Mongolian economy and to discuss and derive solutions to overcome the nation’s economic challenges and difficulties.

To promote free market economy, the Silk Road Foundation has successfully organized various discussions and series of lectures addressed to decision makers and the public. The foundation focuses on enlightening Mongolian youth and conducted several trainings towards the youth. It also translates and publishes books, articles and video contents related to the values of free market economy.

The Silk Road Foundation releases The Insider - an economic magazine, and conducts a TV shows titled, “Mongolia’s Wealth is the Mongolian people” and “Laisse Faire”.

In order to support the public’s education and knowledge, and introduce liberal society principles “Silk Road” series of lectures were presented by Mongolia’s famous and top representatives from politics, the economy and business sectors.

In the framework of publishing libertarian books the Silk Road Foundation translated and published the book “Economics in One Lesson” by Henry Hazlitt, and broadcasted Milton Friedman’s ten-part television series “Free to Choose” in Mongolia.

Addressing the youth, the Silk Road Foundation held the Liberty Summer Training and One Democracy NGO training, and organized a presentation contest among youth on free market economy, state participation and liberty of individuals. The foundation aims to support activities of clubs under universities, and organize many contests among the Mongolian youth.

The Silk Road Think Tank is to assist in building a society of citizens armed with scientific and factual information on the importance of free society and free market economy.

Our purpose: Promoting and protecting values of liberal society in Mongolia.
Our values: Free market economy, individual liberty, limited government
Our vision: Being an institution that contributes in making Mongolia a prosperous and developed nation, with citizens having their freedom and rights protected.